Current Projects

Data-Driven Risk Behavior Modeling

Sponsor: NSF - I/UCRC Center for Hybrid Multicore Productivity Research (CHMPR) - Rutgers Site, 8/1/2016- 7/31/2021

Privacy Disclosure on Online Social Media

Sponsor: PSC-CUNY, 7/2016-12/2017

i-SECURE: Information Security Research and Education Project

Integrating learning resources for Information Security Research and Education
Sponsor: NSF, 2012-2015
  • iSecure Lab
  • SOB: Security Ontology Browser
  • SOX: Security Ontology Development Expert Tool
  • SLOB: Cyber Security Learning through Ontology Browsing
  • FLOB: Fraud Ontology

    Twitter Health Data Monitoring and Visualization

    Sponsor: PSC-CUNY Research Foundation, 7/2012-6/2013.
  • EOSDS: Epidemics Outbreak and Spread Detection System
  • Twitter Sentiment Classification for Monitoring Public Health Concern Trends
  • Data sets

    Semantic Integration of Social Health Data

    Sponsor: PSC-CUNY Research Foundation, 7/2011-12/2012.
  • Developing a Health 2.0 Medical Knowledge Base and Blog Summarization
  • Social InfoButtons: Semantic Integration of Health 2.0 data

    Situation-based Role Recommendation for Medical Emergency

    Sponsor: PSC-CUNY, 2010-2011
  • Role Recommendation based on Social Crentials.
  • Situation-based Access Control for EHR

    A Sensor Network-based Real-Time Flood Warning System

    Sponsor: New Jersey Meadowlands Commission, 1/1/2009-6/30/2010.
    Collaborators: Gotham Analytics
  • PEERS: Engaging Citizens to Crowdsource Emergency Response
  • Community Based Flood Management System Using Web 2.0

    E-Participation and Transparent Policy Decision Making

    Sponsor: None, 2009-2012
    Collaborators: Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

    Developing People Ontology and Semantic Search:

    Collaborators: Manhattan University and NJIT
    Prototype: OSWS: Ontology-supported Web Search for Famous People

    Smart City projects

    Collaborators: Rutgers Univeristy, CIMIC
  • Newark City Government's Twitter project:
  • SMART-C : Smart Citizen projects monitor emergency tweets, multimedia citizen messages for Emergency Management
  • UICDS - Unified Incident Command and Decision Support System

    Past Projects


    Web Service Composition and Semanic Web:

    Geospatial Data Security and Privacy

    Environmental and Scientific Data Management

    Watershed and Water Quality Monitoring Education

    Interagency Resource Sharing

    NASA Regional Application Center (RAC) Projects

    With Dr. Francisco Artigas , September 1997 - 2003.
  • Satellite image database management , 1997-2000
  • Content-based Cloud Classification for Satellite Images using NEC image search system CDS (Compressed Domain Search) and NASA RAT (Rapid Application Tool), (with Harold Stone, F. Artigas, R. Holowczak, J. Cho), 1999-2000.

    HMDC/ MERI Scientific Data and Metadata Management Project:

    With V. Atluri, September 1998-2001.
  • SS-Tree Indexing and Web Query interface Implementation, Feb 2001-May 2001 (with Chiara Ghirardini)
  • Indexing experiment for Image database, Spring 2000-Spring 2001 (with Chiara Ghirardini and Dr. Ibrahim Kamel)
  • Privacy Issues on Geospatial High Resolution Images: 1999-2000

    Digital Meadowland Project

    With F. Artigas, R. Holowczak, and K. Barrett, May 1999 -2000.
  • Digital Meadowlands: Meadowlands environmental information system based on geographic locations. The repository contains environmental monitoring data (water, weather data), satellite images, maps, reports (documents) data in NJ Meadowlands area.

    Geospatial Metadata Project

    with Binto George and Francisco Artigas, March 1999 - July 1999.
  • Web-based Geospatial Metadata System: creation of geospatial data, and metadata-based retrieval system

    Environmental Education Program Scheduling System

    With Richard Holowczak , 1997-1998
  • NJMC Educational program scheduling and report generation system: deployed to HMDC (now NJMC) in January 1998,

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